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Scholarship Board Management Information System

FEMISH understands that creating, promoting and managing a scholarship program can be a time consuming process. But it doesn’t have to be. The SSSMIS is a suite of modular web-based applications, a robust database management system which support the process of collecting, determining eligibility, awarding, monitoring, analyzing and reporting of all kinds of scholarships program in the state.

School Database Management System

A highly accessible and secure web-based ERP for the principals, school heads, teachers, students and parents at educational institutions where they could access their course material, view learning activities and exams posted by school administrators from anywhere with internet. Enables proper monitoring of students’ academic performances, teachers assessment and skills appraisal become possible.

Student Information Management System

Student information system (SIMS) is a software application for education establishments to manage student data. Student Information Systems provide capabilities for entering student test and other assessment scores, build student schedules, track student attendance, and manage many other student-related data needs in a school.

Travel Agency Management System (TAMS)

Femish TAMS is a simple, secure and highly customisable travel management system for agencies of all sizes. Manages travel reservations, hotel reservations, operations and back-office. Its scalable and robust features will help you scale up and automate your business according to your requirements and provide a higher ROI as it allows you to focus more on what matters most to you - your business.

Asset Management & Maintenance System

Do you have the tools to track your assets effectively? The Interactive Asset Management System enables you to track multiple categories of assets – office equipment, furniture, lab equipment, or even corporate artwork. You can link assets to floor for easy location, ownership, and access to product information, greatly improving efficiencies in maintenance and personnel move processes.

Employee Payroll Management System

Payroll System is the heart of any Human Resource System of an Organization. ePayroll efficiently manage employees’ information with easy to use interfacing and process monthly payroll within the shortest time frame and keep employees up to date on their statutory obligations. You can accurately generate pay slips for each and every employee of the organization along with all tax, pension and allowance calculations.

ERP Software Solution (BEMS)

BEMS solutions help businesses personalize talent acquisition, simplify payroll computations, manage time and attendance, evaluate employees performances through e-Appraisal system, seamlessly manage different types of leaves and allows employees to plan for their leave within the calendar year, manages employees’ pensions and bank schedules and support proactive, strategic talent management.

Employee Appraisal System

The appraisal system is designed to provide a consistent and uniform framework for organizations to communicate expectations and evaluate the performance of employees. Performance Appraisals Systems are employed to determine who needs what training, and who will be promoted, demoted, retained, or fired. Error rates are eliminated and the appraisal rating is done and calculated automatically but accurately.

Human Resources Management System

People are the most important resource in today’s global economy. Employees make the difference to their bottom line. To remain competitive in today's job market, employers need to know about their employees—what they're doing, what their skills are, how they're progressing, and where they fit in the business’s future. As such, companies need to integrate talent management into their wider business strategy.

Leave Management System

Femish Leave Tracker provides a fully automated online system, lets your employees apply for leave directly online, view their leave balances and access all other time-off related information.

Consultancy Services

Our IT Consulting and Professional Service is designed to leverage years of experience in design, implementation/deployment, securing and managing your organization's technology infrastructure, staff augmentation, training and knowledge-transfer.

We aim to provide our clients with advice and support to manage and make the best use of information, and the technologies which are used to manipulate and manage information in modern service delivery. We are uniquely placed to offer effective and cost-effective consultancy services to organisations which want to understand and improve the central role of information in their operations. We carry out requirements studies and/or business re-engineering and subsequent conceptualization and design of the corresponding information system framework. This includes assessing the ecommerce and e-business readiness of corporate clients and propose ways and means of overcoming any shortcoming.

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